Kristin is gifted with the ability to see your energy body and assist you in releasing what is needed to transform your life. We all have “foreign” energy attached to us that has accumulated through the years. This congested energy holds you back from fully living in your natural state of love and abundance. Kristin sees this energy and guides you to a new level of understanding so you become aware of it. Once you feel this foreign energy for yourself you release it and your life transforms.

How it works


Your Spirit is the purest form of you. Its natural state is complete abundance. Abundance of love, health, prosperity, harmony… When you are congested with foreign energy it crowds out your Spirit and you lose connection to it. And when you’ve lost connection to your Spirit you’ve lost your true self.

That is when you look for happiness outside of yourself. The problem is when you aren’t connected to your Spirit nothing can fulfill you. The only true path to happiness is reconnecting to the light of your Spirit. But first you must clear away the congestion and give your Spirit space to come home to.

To clear out the foreign energy you need to become aware of it and the control it has on you. Where in your body and/or energy field is it? What does if feel or look like? Why is it there? Once you become aware of it, and are ready for it to leave, it has to go. You are always in command of your space and no foreign energy has power over you unless you relinquish that power.

Through focused healings and meditations Kristin brings you to a state of awareness so you sense the foreign energies that need to be released. Kristin does not heal you. She is a guide that awakens your Spirit so you can heal yourself. The power is always within you to heal.



img_13122016_114547Kristin, I want you to know from my heart how much you touched me with your guidance and kind spirit. I have been amazed at how different I feel.  After working with you, I feel like I refer back to much of what you said to me as reassurance that I can achieve all that I want in life and that all will be well. Your readings have brought me peace of mind that I never would have expected and I feel such gratitude to you. I can’t thank you enough and I have been telling all of my friends about my experience and encouraging them to seek your spiritual guidance.

 – Lynn Kehoe from Calgary, Canada

img_13122016_114547Kristin, I can’t thank you enough!! Your amazing clarity and insight have been invaluable to me and my family. Through all of the life changes my family has dealt with in the last few years, your support and clarity has been invaluable to all of us. Thank you again for doing the work that you do with such great love and understanding. Our world is a better place when we have people like you to walk through the good and tough times with us.

– Heidi Rhea from Durango, CO

img_13122016_114547Thank you so much, Kristin, for helping me reconnect and feel the love and positive energy from within. I am so grateful for this amazing experience and the sense of peace I feel inside. I am now focused on moving forward with renewed energy and self-confidence. I am so thankful for your guidance and hope you are able to touch the lives of many more who are looking to feel peace and joy inside.

– Tana Lloyd from Saskatchewan, Canada


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