A Spiritual Perspective Of Coronavirus

Moving Into The 5th Dimension...

For some time now humanity has attempted to ascend into higher dimensions… moving from the 3D/4D to the 5D.

Moving into the 5th dimension means you are enlightened to the point where you speak from your true Spirit and create reality immediately…

But for that to happen you need a pure connection to your Spirit… so you create from a loving, harmonious space.

You, and all of us, are being asked now to be conscious creators of reality…  to only think, feel and speak what you would like to see in the world.

It is no coincidence that the virus attacks the throat and lungs… this is the physical location where your 4th and 5th chakras are… which are the portals into the 4th/5th dimension.

It is also not a mistake that we are asked to stay home right now… We are being called inside to our inner self to heal and release anything holding us back from ascending to the 5th dimension.

Remember these dimensions aren’t physical places… they are planes of existence within you… and you can only access them by going within.

This virus… and all that is happening because of it… is an opportunity for you to “clean house.”  Reset your life by clarifying what is important to you… and releasing everything else.

Fears are being brought to the surface for healing... especially from the first 4 dimensions… fear of survival, poverty, losing control and being alone… You are being asked to surrender all these fears to your Spirit…

And, most importantly you are being asked to hold a loving and harmonious vision for your life… and the whole planet.

Now is an incredible opportunity for you to create a joyful life and heal the planet… please don’t waste this precious gift.

With Love+Light,

About the Author Kristin Metheny

Kristin is an Energy Healer and Intuitive.

Gifted with the ability to see your energy body remotely, she clears negative energy from it and guides you to connect deeply with your higher self.

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