My Story

Even when I was very young I had a gift for knowing how others felt and the energy that was attached to them.  It served me well as I knew who I could trust. Then at the age of seven I had a profound experience that years later helped shape how I look at reality.

That year I had the flu and was very sick.  I tried to get my mom’s attention but couldn’t even make myself cry out. Suddenly faces appeared above me and I could hear their voices. Oh, the poor baby needs her mom; someone go get her. She’s really sick and needs help. Back off, she can see us and it’s scaring her…

As they backed off I could still see them but in the distance now.  I felt bathed in light coming from their direction and my pain disappeared.  I don’t know how long this went on but it was incredibly peaceful. Right before my mom walked into the room I heard one of them say, her mother is coming now and will take care of her.  And they were gone.

When my mom arrived I shared what happened and she told me it was because my fever had made me delirious.  I had no reason not to believe her and forgot about it for years.  It wasn’t until I began seeking answers to what I intuitively knew – there is much more than this physical reality – that I remembered that day again.

Up until then I focused on all the usual things – money, love, fun.  But I was making the common mistake of focusing outside myself for happiness.

I had a corporate consulting practice at the time. Although it paid my bills I often stressed about where my next contract was coming from.  Money never flowed in like I knew it could.  Worse, my greatest desire was to be in a loving relationship and have a family of my own. At 34 there was no one in sight and I was running out of time.

That was only my external situation. Internally I was fighting demons that wanted me to believe I wasn’t good enough to have it all.  Despite the pain I couldn’t be more grateful for that time. It led me to dig deep and find out why I wasn’t living the life I knew I was meant to. I began studying with masterful teachers that taught me to change my reality.

That’s when:

  • I awakened to my Spirit.
  • I got in touch with, and released, the foreign energy in my field that held me back from what I truly desired.
  • I learned to raise my energetic vibration so I could attract what I wanted into my life.
  • I healed my past and gave forgiveness where it was needed so I could move forward.

A year later, all in the month of July

  • I met my husband.
  • I landed a long-term client that paid my overhead for years.
  • I received an additional contract worth $20,000the same amount as my credit card debt.
  • And, most importantly I was truly happy.

Since then I’ve never looked back.  For over 10 years I’ve been teaching others to get in touch with their Spirit and find true happiness that only comes from awakening within.

Ironically, once you awaken to that connection you no longer have a desire for anything else… and that’s when it all shows up.  We are all on the path of awakening.  Each on a different time line yet awakening all the same.  Being conscious of this awakening process will help you navigate the growing pains that it brings.

It is my mission to help those that feel drawn to me to navigate these waters. Through Energy Healing Circles, Intuitive Readings and individual Coaching a wisdom is created that guides you to awaken and connect to your Spirit.  It’s happened for hundreds of people that it’s been my privilege to serve.  It would be my honor to assist you, too.

Love + Light,

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