Awakening to what?

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A lot of folks have been talking about spiritual awakening these days but what does it mean?  Here’s my experience of it…

Awakening is realizing that you are a spiritual being first and not defined by your physical body or this world.  You are an individualized expression of the Divine that is temporarily contained in your physical body but should never be defined by physical limitations.  Feeling the unlimited quality of your true nature is part of the awakening process.

Awakening is realizing that there is much more to this reality than what our 5 senses can discern.  Before the invention of the microscope we couldn’t see microscopic germs, yet they existed and affected us.  Today most people can’t see the energy that we walk around in but still affects us.  But, more people are waking up to feeling and managing this energy instead of numbing themselves to it.

Awakening is also knowing you can reach out to others because we are all in this awakening process together.  Our true spiritual nature is completely connected to Source and to one another.  The more that we access our Spirits the more connected we feel to everyone and everything.

Awakening to your true spiritual nature brings indescribable beauty, grace and ease to your life.  And, it’s what we are all meant to experience.

Love+ Light,

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