Coaching series

6-Session Coaching Series

Deeply-loving relationships, a career that makes you feel on purpose, financial freedom, perfect health, fill in the blank… Have you tried hard to achieve your heartfelt desires and wonder why they aren’t in your life yet?

The action you take toward reaching your desires isn’t the problem. I’m sure you have done everything you know to achieve them. But the problem is your unconscious beliefs and the energy you send out because of them.

These beliefs are created from your past experiences and what you were handed down from your family. They are held in the cells of your body. Even if an experience happened long ago, your body remembers.

If these beliefs stay unconscious they will continue to sabotage your efforts toward creating something more for yourself.

That’s why I’ve designed a 6-Session Coaching Series to guide you to connecting with these unseen aspects of yourself. This program is intended for those that are ready to live in their natural state of abundance and receive their true desires.

During the coaching series you'll discover...

  • ​The unconscious core beliefs that you are operating from – how they hold you back from your desires and how you can release them.
  • ​How to connect to your Spirit and have it always lead you to the “next right step” toward your desires.
  • ​Techniques to raise your energy so you will be in the right place to receive.
  • ​A plan of self-care that is tailored specifically for you.

The structure of the coaching series program...

  • ​We will have 6 private sessions via the phone or video conferencing.
  • ​The 1st session will be an Intuitive Reading where I will get information from your Spirit for you regarding your most heartfelt desire. From this session we will have an overview of what obstacles stand in your way and the path to removing them.
  • ​The 2nd session you will explore your limiting core beliefs that stand in the way of your desires – where they came from and how to uproot them.
  • ​The other 4 sessions will be specifically tailored to what you need to move forward with manifesting your desires. This program is highly individualized and will address your particular circumstance.

As an Intuitive I have a unique gift to go straight to your Spirit to guide you during each of our coaching sessions. I also have a Masters degree in Social and Organizational Development and have been trained as a career and life coach.

I can only work with a limited number of people at a time. If you are serious about connecting with your natural state of abundance in all its forms – then I would encourage you to join me on this path of self-discovery.


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Kristin is a guide to reconnect you to your Spirit so you can heal yourself. The power is always within you to heal.


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