Color – Who Knew?

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The kids and I have been doing an experiment lately. We start the day by picking two colors from paint samples I got from the hardware store. We image there is a bubble completely surrounding us that is the first color we chose. If anything upsets us during the day we change the bubble to the second color. My intention is to give the kids a tool to help them shift out of negativity.

What I didn’t expect is how much the colors have helped me

The other day I got agitated and the kids reminded me to change my color (be careful what you teach (-;).  I picked up the color sample and stared at it for only a moment.  I was amazed how fast my nerves calmed down!  The clinching in my stomach disappeared and my breath got deeper.

The color had an immediate effect on me without me “trying” to shift my mood.

It was a reminder that what you surround yourself with – color, objects, people, etc… – has a profound influence on you.  EVERYTHING is made up of vibration.  Your job is to become aware of what is raising and lowering yours.  Then make conscious choices to surround yourself with what supports you.

I invite you to try the color experiment for yourself. You might be amazed at how much it helps…

Love+ Light,

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