Comfortably Numb… Or Not

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Have you ever wondered why obesity and drug use is on the rise?  The fact we are collectively trashing our bodies concerns me.

When I ask my guidance I’m told that we are numbing ourselves because of the increase of energy on the planet right now.  Much of this energy is positive and calling us into a deeper connection with our truth.  But, it can also be heavy and bring up pain that needs to be released in order for our light to fully shine.

It isn’t until you feel your body and emotions can you move through the pain.  And, processing the pain is necessary to reach your natural state of lasting love and abundance.

The best way I find to take the journey inside is through the support of a group.

Group energy has profound healing effects.  A spiritual group is similar to a physical one.  When someone struggles the group rallies around them.  The only difference is you are getting the support energetically, which can be even more powerful.For years I’ve led meditation circles with the intention of healing our pain bodies.  I’m now being called to take these healing circles to bigger groups online.

With teleconferencing, hundreds, if not thousands, can be connected at the same time.  The personal (and universal) healing that is possible when people come together to connect to their Light is awe-inspiring to me.  I hope you can feel that potential too.

I don’t have details yet but want to share my newest inspiration with you.  I’ll work on it and get back to you soon.

In the meanwhile, practice being present to what you’re feeling.  It really does hold the answers.

Love+ Light,

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