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The energy right now is supporting you to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you.  That means any thoughts, habits, behaviors and lifestyle choices that aren’t good for you.

So how do you get motivated to detox?

Here are some tips:

  • Meditate with the intention to connect to your Spirit for healing and guidance.
  • Every morning ask, how do I connect with Spirit even stronger today?  You don’t need to know the answer just start with the question.
  • Catch yourself before you say something you don’t want.  I have a friend who out of frustration said God, give me a break!  The next day he fell off the curb and broke his leg.  Your thoughts and words create.  It’s especially true with the energy right now.
  • Nothing beats the healing effects of nature.  Spend more time outside doing something you love.

Just like when you go to the gym after a long break, detoxing will probably be uncomfortable at first.  If you stick to it though you’ll see results you never thought possible.

Enjoy this powerful time and know that you are never alone.

Love+ Light,

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