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It’s perfect timing today to set your intention for how you want your holiday season to unfold.  (New moon yesterday and Dec. 1 tomorrow).

For some the holidays are a time of joy and connection.  For others it’s a time of stress and isolation.  It can even be a combination of both.

But, whatever it has been in the past is in the past.  Today you can create your ideal holiday scenario with a little bit of focus and intention.

Take a few minutes and write down how you envision your perfect stress-free, joyful holiday.  Here’s a sample of my list:

  • Have fun decorating the house and having a dance party with the family.
  • Gatherings where I connect with friends but don’t tire myself out.
  • Perfect gifts that arrive early so I can have them wrapped by Dec. 23.
  • Lie on the floor under the Christmas tree and look up at the lights like I did when I was a kid.

Get as detailed as you like and most importantly feel the emotions you want with each intention.  When I wrote my list I felt joy, connection, balance, relief, and awe – all the ingredients for my perfect holiday season.

A little pre-planning and you can set your holidays up to be perfect for you.

Love+ Light,

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