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The Energy Healing Treatments are designed to target specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues for you and the loved ones you mentally/energetically include in the healing. Kristin selects different areas to work on according to what the greatest needs are for those drawn to these healings.

In Energy Healing Treatments Kristin guides you into meditation and generates powerful frequencies so you can access your natural healing abilities. The whole time she is talking she is bathing you in healing frequencies. In addition, the collective energy of the circle fuels the treatments to bring faster and more powerful healing to each participant.

Energy Healing Treatments are infused with specific frequencies based on the topic. It doesn’t matter when you listen to the sessions, you will always receive the benefits from the intention and time and space they were created.

And, each time you listen to the recording you will receive even more healing benefit. You don't need to be conscious of the words being used to receive the frequencies intended, so it's recommended you play it softly in the background on a loop to continue to receive the healing benefits.

Upcoming And Live Treatments

(Approximately 30 minutes each session)

unconditional love 
Wed. August 12, 9:00 AM MT (8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET) 

To often you do not see or know your true self and fail to extend yourself the love you freely give to others. You crave love, belonging and acceptance but how can you manifest these experiences if you don’t fundamentally consider yourself lovable? Join Kristin as she baths you in frequencies to open up to:

  • Release unproductive self-criticism and judgement
  • Accept your "imperfections" from a place of awareness and compassion
  • Liberate yourself from the need for others’ approval
  • Embrace a sense of love for all that you are

In this energy healing treatment, you will open to the knowledge that the love you seek is ultimately found within as you come to love the magnificence light being you truly are.

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(Approximately 30 minutes each session)


Deservingness comes from an internal state of recognizing your infinite worth as a divine lightbeing. Although you may believe yourself to be deserving of the best life has to offer your programming and patterns can unknowingly block opportunities. Join Kristin as she infuses you with frequencies to help...

  • Heal programming of being less than, unworthy or not good enough 
  • More fully comprehend and embrace your power and brilliance 
  • Come to expect and receive the best of what life has to offer as a reflection of your state of wholeness and completion

$27 | Instant .mp3 Download


Restful sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being... An increase in quality sleep has been known to improve memory, creativity, emotional health, athletic and academic performance, balanced weight and reduced stress. Often your sleep is disturbed because you aren't psychically protected and outside energies are accessing your light body during sleep time. In this energy healing treatment Kristin infuses you with the frequencies of psychic protection so you can enjoy peaceful, healing, restorative sleep.

$27 | Instant .mp3 Download

stress relief

Stress causes mental, physical and emotional strain. When you are in a harmful situation - whether real or perceived - you go into a fight-or-flight stress response which creates an increased ability to act quickly. But when stress becomes chronic it causes problems with your emotions, behavior, cognitive ability and physical health... like anxiety, rash decision-making and suppressed immune system. Stress is a common problem in today's fast-paced world... Join Kristin in this Energy Healing Treatment as she infuses you with frequencies of calm, relaxation and peace to find relief anytime you're holding stress. 

$27 | Instant .mp3 Download

Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is an important skill to create healthy relationships but many don't know how to do so in a constructive way. The desire to please people, meet others expectations or fear of rejection get in the way of setting healthy boundaries, which leads to emotional stress for all involved. Self-awareness and communication empowers you to set appropriate boundaries and is in service to everyone. Join Kristin as she infuses you with frequencies to help...

  • conquer insecurity and fear to respectfully communicate boundaries from a place of centered strength 
  • honor and enforce your boundaries without dishonoring others 
  • practice consistently setting boundaries, easing discomfort and avoiding unnecessary drama  
  • release ties to those who do not respect your boundaries, leaving room for mutually enhancing and uplifting relationships.

$27 | Instant .mp3 Download

Comfort with the unknown

Often we mistake feelings of familiarity with being safe and secure so we cling to what we know. But this belief blocks us from life's unlimited experiences and opportunities. The unfamiliar does not have to be uncomfortable. As you learn to let go of perceived control you unleash what is available to you in every moment. Embrace the unknown... find comfort where there is fear and create a life that you can't even imagine yet. Join Kristin in this Energy Healing Treatment as she infuses you with frequencies of safety, courage and joyful anticipation.

$27 | Instant .mp3 Download

releasing relationship Attachments  

Romantic and family relationship attachments are the most common type of energetic cording. Even when the relationship is good, attachments aren't healthy for you or the other person. They create unnecessary burdens and co-dependency for both parties. And if an unhealthy relationship has ended there is still an energetic attachment to the person until you release it completely. Join Kristin and release these energy cords to move forward into healthier relationships with yourself and others. In this Energy Healing Treatment she will infuse you with frequencies of self-love, freedom and support.

$27 | Instant .mp3 Download

releasing anxiety

Anxiety tends to come on suddenly without warning or reason. It takes over your body, emotions, thoughts... or all of them at once. Anxieties true origin comes from being energetically out of your body and intuitively knowing it isn't a save place to be. Join Kristin in this Energy Healing Treatment as she helps you release fear and ground your energy into your body to find your center and true safety. 

$27 | Instant .mp3 Download

Embracing Vulnerability

Vulnerability is at the core of connecting deeply with our true selves and others... but showing our authentic self often creates fear. We build walls that may at first feel protective but always get in the way of true connection. Vulnerability, often mistaken for weakness, is actually an incredibly courage act. Join Kristin in this Energy Healing Treatment to let go of distorted defense mechanisms, instill healthy boundaries and develop self-compassion to embrace any so-called imperfections.

Sacred union... Balancing your inner Male and female energy

The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for all other relationships in your life. The love you desire from others can only be achieved if you have sacred union within. We all hold feminine and masculine energies and they need to be balanced in order to receive this sacred union.  Join Kristin as she helps you connect with the divine feminine/masculine within and receive the unconditional Love you are meant to experience.


You have access to innate healing abilities on every level of your being... but you need help getting in touch with them. When you feel stressed or down your immune system becomes compromised. Knowing how to connect with your higher self and divine healing Light to raise your vibration is a tool you can always rely on. Join Kristin in this Energy Healing Treatment as she teaches you to do just that while infusing you with frequencies of health and vitality on every level.

11:11... New beginnings

In Numerology the number 11 is a Master Number.  The Number 1 is the only number that is completely straight up and down – like an antenna.  Number 1 acts as a direct conduit between the spiritual and physical world… making it easier to manifest your ideas into the physical.

Double 1 into the Number 11, the energy becomes exponentially powerful. 11 is the number of letting go, awakening, creation, intuition and manifestation.  During an 11:11 portal you have an opportunity to integrate these qualities at lightning speed.  

Kristin recorded a powerful Energy Healing Treatment on 11/11/2016 at 11:11am to activate: 

  • Self Love
  • Increased Intuition and Clarity
  • Greater Ease in Manifesting
  • Stronger Connection to your Higher Self
  • And benefits that are unique to you on your current path

This Energy Healing Treatment is time-stamped with the frequencies of the 11:11 portal. It doesn’t matter at what point you listen to it you will always receive the benefits of that time and space.

$27 | Instant .mp3 Download

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