Happiness Is A Choice: How To Let Your Higher Self Guide You

If happiness is a choice why is it so hard to choose?

When it comes to being happy are you missing the keys to unlock the castle?

You’re not alone…

According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people suffer from depression.

And many who aren’t diagnosed with depression… are still not happy.

But happiness is a choice... and it is attainable. You just need to understand some things first.

Here are the keys to unlock the door…

​Happiness Comes From Your Higher Self

Your spiritual aspect that lives beyond your physical body has many names… one of them is your higher self.

Your higher self is in a state of pure love. It doesn’t judge your personality, or ego self... or anyone else for that matter.

When you access your higher self you only feel calm, secure and unconditionally loved. And these are the conditions needed to choose happiness.

Your Ego On The Other Hand...

The aspect of you that is associated with the physical mind is your ego. It doesn’t allow security and peace into your life.

Your ego judges everything… categorizes it as good, bad or unimportant. It creates an elaborate system of filters for you to see the world through.

And it puts you constantly on guard for potential threats…

But when you worry about threats you don’t have time to be happy.

In contrast, when connected to the calm of your higher self your thoughts are put into perspective. The filters are removed and life looks much better then your ego’s point of view.

With connection to your higher self you realize safety and security come from within. Nothing outside of you can make you feel secure without this connection.

More Benefits Of Connecting To Your Higher Self…

And your vital life force energy comes from your higher self too. Connecting to it puts you in rhythm with nature. Your sleep improves. You remember to take care of your physical body.

You're motivated to make healthier choices. Not just because you think they are good for you… but because you actually feel the difference when you do.

Your body becomes the tuning fork it is meant to be…

It’s vibrating at a high level and informs you of what it needs in every moment.

You don’t mind that your future in unknown. Because when you’re connected to your higher self it always creates what is best for you.

Allowing it to lead creates flow in your life.

With little effort on your part, people and material needs show up as you need them. You stop chasing goals and simply start receiving.

When you release the worry of your ego you free up an extraordinary amount of time. Time better spent on activities that make you happy.

Happiness is a natural result when you’re connected to your higher self. You’re not trying to be happy… you just are.

Equally as wonderful is feeling taken care of... Knowing you have a safety net.

It all adds up to an internal state of ease, calm and yes.... happiness.

This may seem like a faraway dream, but it’s closer than you think. Let me show you how…

5 Ways To Tame Your Ego...

1 - Determine Where Your Thoughts Come From

Your ego is full of fear and pain. To say the least, it’s not who you want in charge of your thoughts.

To get the ego under control start by figuring out what thoughts it’s feeding you. You’ll find a process for that in Step 3 of the article, 5 Steps To Clear Negative Energy...

The ego is opinionated but not wise. It controls with fear-based thoughts. In contrast, your higher self doesn’t create fear in you unless you are in immediate danger.

But the ego is in a constant state of control and fear.

The problem is you think your thoughts are you… not something separate. But every thought you have is separate from the physical you. And it either originates from your ego or from your higher self.

Begin to pick apart each thought you have. Question every one of them. Ask are you from my ego or higher self.

You’ll usually know the answer to that question by the way it feels. Does it oppress you? Drain your energy? Make you sad? Then it’s definitely coming from your ego.

But be on the look out for subtle tactics the ego has. For example, the statement, “Don’t feed his ego,” comes from giving someone excessive and often insincere praise.

Your ego will also use that tactic. At times it will tell you you’re better than others… more deserving… more loved.

It will make you feel good for the moment but it can just as quickly deflate you with one insecure thought. Listening to the ego is like being at the whim of an insane dictator.

So look for signs when you feel good but at another's expense.

Another common feeling from the ego is an extreme high… or giddiness.

In contrast, your higher self gives you sustainable energy. You won’t feel wildly giddy but instead an authentic calm and powerful energy.

And even if a situation you are facing is scary, worry disappears with your higher self’s thoughts. You innately know that you have the tools to deal with whatever comes.

So, the first step to taming the ego is discerning which thoughts and feelings are coming from it and which are coming from your higher self.

2 - Bathe In Nature

The Japanese call it “forest bathing.” Science proves it has numerous health benefits. It also connects you to your higher self.

The key is to relax in nature. This isn’t the time to go on a 10-mile hike. Bathing in the forest literally means soaking it in.

So, take a mindful walk or sit under a tree. Look at the sunlight through the leaves… breath in the fresh air.

Feel appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds you.

When you become present in the moment you aren’t concerned with the past or future. It’s a reprieve from the constant chatter of your ego...

And it’s where you begin to hear the still, small voice of your higher self.

It doesn’t take a long time. Part of a lunch break will do it.

Incorporate these mini-retreats into your daily life and you’ll begin to quickly connect to the gentleness of your higher self.

3 - Turn Off The Electronics 

Electronics create white noise in the background. It distracts you from uncomfortable thoughts from your ego. But ignoring the ego doesn’t make it go away…

It only makes it go deeper underground and operate without you noticing.

And if there is anything to fear it’s your ego left alone without supervision.

When your ego is in charge you won’t like the thoughts that you’re having. They’re often painful and dark.

But your ego’s thoughts are not who you are... They are separate energy forms that attached to you through your upbringing and mass consciousness.

To weed them out you need to hear what beliefs they are sending you. Listen to your ego's thoughts… but don’t believe any of it.

When you are under the influence of your ego your emotions and inner compass aren’t reliable.

So start by questioning EVERYTHING...

Then as you begin to feel a stronger connection to your higher self you’ll know its truth and can separate from your ego’s lies.

For now... take a break from the noise of electronics. Sit in silence and listen to your thoughts.

Then you’ll begin to learn the difference between your ego and higher self.

4 – Detox From The News

News channels are a primary source of spreading mass consciousness. They dictate what is fed to the public and what isn’t.

So, unless it’s your job… don’t surround yourself with the news.

We now have news access 24/7, and many keep it on all day. Not only is it the white noise I mentioned above… but the worse kind.

Unconsciously we’re taught to give authority to the news. Which reinforces the belief that knowledge coming from outside of you is better than what you intuitively know.

But your higher self is accessed internally.

Mass consciousness is the collective ego and it distracts you from connecting to your higher self.

Your aim is to balance outside information with internal knowledge… Putting emphasize on going within.

Do a news detox. Turn off the TV. Read the headlines, if you must, but then walk away.

Remind yourself that the news is only a small fraction of what is happening in the world. Love and kindness exist far more than is reported.

Take a break from the news and spend time listening to your inner wisdom.

5 – Meditate, Meditate, Meditate 

Meditation is the fastest way to connect to your higher self. (There is a meditation in Step 5 of the article, 5 Steps To Clear Negative Energy... you can use daily)

Once you connect to your higher self through meditation your stress levels decrease and happiness increases. And there are many other proven health benefits to meditating. (Check out 10 science based reasons to start meditating today...)

But meditation is a difficult practice to maintain if you haven’t tamed your ego, and here is why…

Your ego doesn't want to lose control.

It will sabotage your meditation time by making you uncomfortable in a variety of ways.

For example, filling your mind with random or dark thoughts, creating discomfort in your body or putting you to sleep…

There is no end to the tactics the ego has to stop you from listening deeply to your higher self… because it doesn’t want to lose authority over you.

So to find true happiness taming your ego is essential. You must get past the discomfort.

If your thoughts distract you during meditation use it as a tool to analyze whether they’re from your ego or higher self… as described earlier.

Or, if it is a to-do list that is popping up imagine a table next to you and you place it there. You can always pick it up after your meditation time.

Your thoughts during meditation often point to what needs to be cleared to make a connection to your higher self.

For example if an old memory pops into your meditation allow yourself to see where that memory leads you.

Is it associated with an emotion? Is there a current situation where you are feeling the same way?

Your higher self guides you to recognize patterns of belief systems and emotions that need to be released.

When you begin meditating your goal is to clear the ego thoughts and emotions… only then can you get to the neutral calm of your higher self.

Happiness Is Your Choice…

Happiness is a choice… and you’ll have to work for it. But taming the ego is the most important work you’ll ever do.

It opens you up to a life beyond your imagination.

A life filled with what you desire most… true connection and an abundance of happiness.

If you found this articles helpful please share it. And leave me a comment... I'd love to hear from you...

With Love+Light,

About the Author Kristin Metheny

Kristin is an Energy Healer and Intuitive.

Gifted with the ability to see your energy body remotely, she clears negative energy from it and guides you to connect deeply with your higher self.

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