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As you are wrapping up 2016 you’re being asked to let go of what is standing in the way of your happiness.

Letting go is easier than you might think.  Instead of analyzing what you need to let go of, ask Divine will to take away ALL your fear.  You don’t need to know what it is now and here’s why…

When you sincerely ask for help you begin to re-experience your fear or at least become aware of it.  This is a good sign your request is being answered.  Instead of avoiding it, welcome the fear.  You can let it go once you know what you’re dealing with.

When your fear pops up become an investigator.  Interview it – ask it deep and thought provoking questions.  Be curious why it exists.  Is it even your fear or did you inherit it?

The key is to stay neutral and not get caught up in your emotions.  Your emotions are misguided and what creates fear in the first place.  Remember what you fear hasn’t happened; only what you have projected MIGHT happen.

Letting go means to stop projecting.  Stay in the present reality and create your experience of happiness one minute at a time.

Love+ Light,

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