Private Energy Healing Sessions

Kristin has the ability to connect with your higher self and read your energy field. She clears the negative energy getting in your way and answers questions about any area of your life.

Energy Healing

  • Provide in-depth information about your current situation and what is getting in your way
  • Release old patterns and awaken you to the abundance that is your higher self
  • Ground you into your body and bring your awareness to the present moment. In that state you can fully receive the powerful energy healing Kristin bathes you with

The Process

  • Kristin guides you into a body-centered meditation and works on you energetically as you get in touch with what you see and feel in your body and energy field
  • She reads your field and tells you your primary blockages and where they originate from
  • She guides you to release the blockages so you can connect deeply to your higher self and the calm, love and abundance coming from your true self
  • Kristin teaches you to manage your own energy so you can wake up to the wisdom and healing that is available when you are connected to your higher self

Note: It’s recommended that you don’t schedule anything immediately after your session. These Energy Healings are powerful and rest with plenty of water is suggested.


The most popular option – an hour session on the phone or in person.


1-1/2 hour session on the phone or in person. This session is appropriate if you have a lot to cover.


​​​​​Half Hour Reading

Half hour session on the phone or in person. This session is only recommended as a follow-up.


Note: Many clients chose to continue their work with Kristin through a Coaching Series and want to know if they can apply the fee of their first Energy Healing toward it. In that case you can discount the coaching series by what you paid for the Energy Healing and it will count as the 1st of the 6 sessions.

How to book session

  1. Decide which option you want and select its red link above.
  2. Pay for your session.
  3. Email me at with the subject title “Prepaid Energy Healing” to schedule an appointment.

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Kristin is a guide to reconnect you to your Spirit so you can heal yourself. The power is always within you to heal.


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