Heal And Play Through Nature’s Elements:
Meditation and Energy Healing Retreat
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Explore the magic of nature’s elements through meditation, energy healing, gentle yoga and play at Xinalani Retreat Center. 

On this week long retreat you will discover the physical and healing properties of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

These elements are found in nature and in your body. Each of them hold a key to healing you both physically and emotionally. 

As you embrace the beauty that is Xinalani you will be grounding into your truth – your Spirit.  Learning to surrender control in order to bring you abundance in all it’s forms – health, relationships, inner-peace…

Each day we will dive deep and learn tools to bring balance through the elements while also embracing playfulness in the process…

  • Earth – explore the importance of grounding and pulling in earth’s nurturing energy. Earth is associated with how safe you feel in the world and imbalances include feeling stuck or insecure and pain in the lower back, abdomen or knees.
  • Water – go with the flow and open yourself to the abundance all around you. Water governs how attached/detached you are in life and imbalances include being out of touch with feelings and water retention or swelling in your body.
  • Fire – connect to your passion and inner drive – allow fire to fuel instead of consume you. Fire influences your enthusiasm for life and imbalances are anger, resentment and digestive problems.
  • Air – embrace a quick mind and lightness of being. Air governs agility and clarity and imbalances include being scattered, impatient and breathing difficulties.

Kristin is gifted in awakening you to your Spirit so that you can receive true security, peace and abundance. Join her to:

  • Learn new tools to assist your day-to-day energy management
  • Be guided in meditation to connect to the healing properties and wisdom of the elements
  • Explore gentle yoga poses to balance the elements in your physical and energy bodies
  • Receive intuitive guidance and energy healings from Kristin daily
  • Discover and remove the upper limits holding you back from what you desire most
  • Find your inner-beauty and strength that is reflected back to you in the environment of Xinalani Retreat Center
Xinalani Beach
Kayak and snorkel included
Open Air Dining with a view
Healthy, gourmet meals included 
Bonfire and cocktails on the beach

Testimonials From Past Retreats...

Michele Kirk, from NJ

​​​Kristin, thanks so much for a wonderful retreat in Mexico, Following Your Heart Into The New Year.  I signed up for the retreat with a focus on one aspect of my life and what I found is that the very core of my being needed a shift. A week later and I am still reveling in the notion that you shared with us – that we can choose an easier path in life and that path is guided by our Spirit.  I felt the shift immediately in Mexico and it continues to unfold within me during my daily life.  I feel so much lighter as I move throughout my day.  With love and gratitude!

Jenni Smith, from Utah

When I signed up for a recent retreat with Kristin, I didn’t really know what I was signing up for.  I was just hoping to learn more about meditation techniques. What I experienced was way beyond my expectation!  Kristin’s reading of me was right on target and I realized I was right where I needed to be.  I learned so much and reached a new level of awareness about myself and my surroundings.  I learned to connect to my spirit, my body and my heart.  I am now on the path to fulfilling my passion and building the life I have been dreaming about. Thank you Kristin!

Diane Foster, from Utah

​​Kristin, your guidance helped me to understand and see clearly the things in life that I was allowing to stop me from being the best version of myself – and now I am focused on the things that I want to be part of my life and what I can bring to the lives of others.  What I received from you and the retreat is so much more that I could have ever expected.  Your guided meditations have put me on a path that has already resulted in greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.  I am taking a more relaxed approach and now have many new tools for addressing the daily stresses of life.

Retreat Rates:

Packages include 7-day retreat, beautiful accommodations (click on room names below for details), 3 delicious healthy meals a day (can accommodate vegan/vegetarian and other restricted diets), daily class with outdoor activities, optional daily yoga offered, massage therapies and side-trips available on the unscheduled day.

Xinalani is nestled between jungle and ocean and can only be accessed by boat. It is a magical place to receive all the healing gifts of nature. Check out more details at

Deposit $500 | Check payable to: Kristin Metheny, PO Box 2371, Telluride, CO 81435

If you are interested in putting your name on the communications list for updates on this retreat send an email to: 









Telluride Spiritual Retreats
Telluride, CO

Kristin can customize a 2-hour or multi-day retreat for you (or your group) in the beautiful mountains of Telluride, CO.  Experience for yourself the healing energy that makes Telluride special.  Not only is its beauty unsurpassed, the vortex of energy in Telluride clears away stress.

We’ll start by talking about your intention for your retreat experience. Depending on your preference and time limit Kristin will design a retreat to support your goals.  In every case, I am guided by your Spirit to create the perfect experience for you. Contact me to plan your retreat…

Retreats could include:

  • Hiking / walking meditation
  • A body-centered journey
  • Chakra and aura balancing
  • Energetically releasing what’s holding you back
  • Guided manifestation process
  • Connecting to your Spirit and Earth’s energy

Additional Add-ons:

  • Gourmet organic food and/or cooking class
  • Massage and energy work 
  • Yoga
  • ​Intuitive Reading

Kristin is a guide to reconnect you to your Spirit so you can heal yourself. The power is always within you to heal.


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