Energy Vampires: 5 Steps To Clear Negative Energy And Stop Attracting Them

Stop wasting your time and precious energy to the energy vampires in your life…

It's exhausting to have a relationship with an energy vampire... they'll suck the life right out of you.

You know you're with one when no matter what tactic you use being in their presence drains your energy.

And unknowingly, you could be attracting energy vampires through negative energy surrounding you.

But, I assure you, you aren’t alone…

Keep reading and you'll learn to clear negative energy and create boundaries so energy vampires stop sucking you dry.

What Are Energy Vampires…

Energy vampires are insecure people that seek constant validation. They want you to prove that they are loved, smart, powerful, or whatever they crave most.

And, if you try to satisfy their unending desire for attention they’ll keep coming back for more.

Let’s be clear… energy vampires are people – just like you and me. We are all capable of being these needy folks.

I’d like to believe that most don’t do it intentionally. But whether conscious or not, sucking energy is a problem for everyone involved.

For the energy vampire it’s like a drug. The more they use the more they need.

Pulling energy from you is a quick hit… a rush… but it’s short lived and soon they need another hit somewhere else. It leaves them feeling out of control and wondering why.

For the energy-leaker, the energy vampire is preying on your good nature.

And when you leak energy long enough you erect walls of defense…. becoming angry... despite your best intentions.

Which in turn takes a toll on your self-esteem... And the negative energy in your field quickly builds.

5 Steps to Clear Negative Energy From Yourself

Step 1 - Walk Away

Step one is to end the relationship. If possible remove the energy vampire from your life.

Even if you’ve known this person for 20 years it doesn’t mean they are meant to be in your life now.

So if walking away feels right – do it.

Step 2 – Set Boundaries

Step one is not always possible or necessary. So if the energy vampire is your boss that's not going anywhere, then step two is set clear boundaries.

If you deal with energy vampires you are likely an empath…

Empaths are effected by the emotions of others because they feel them strongly.

And, if you are pulled into someone else’s feelings it’s because you have merged energetically with them. In essence… you have no energetic defenses in that moment.

It's difficult for empaths to set energetic boundaries. But it's exactly the skill you need most.

Start by getting clear on how you want your relationship with the energy vampire to change. What is your “in a perfect world” scenario? List everything. Narrow down the list to your must-haves and take it to them.

Even if they receive the news badly it begins to change the dynamic in your relationship. It shows you are taking control of your energy – which is the message they need to look at and change their behavior.

Step 3 - Find Your Hidden Beliefs
Step three is to look deep within and question why you allow people to drain your energy.

What beliefs do you have that puts their needs before yours? Did you inherit these beliefs from your mom… your dad? Did it work for them?

99% of your beliefs were given to you through your family, community or society as a whole. To clear negative energy determine which beliefs come from the 99% and which your higher self. 

Start by connecting with your higher self through meditation. (Learn more about your higher self and ego traps in the blog post : Happiness is a choice...).

Get in a comfortable position, breathe deep and focus on your breath. Once your attention is in the present, ask your higher self to show you the beliefs that cause you to leak energy.

Some typical false beliefs you’re looking for...

  • People always abandon me
  • My needs are never met
  • I’m always left out
  • There’s never enough
  • No matter how hard I try, it’s never enough
  • Life is a scary place
  • It’s not safe to be me
  • Life is a struggle / Life is not fair
  • No one is there for me
  • I don’t deserve…It’s not good to be powerful, success, rich, etc…
  • Others are more important than me

And the core false beliefs behind all these are, I am...

  • Unlovable
  • Not enough
  • Not safe
  • Alone
  • Not worthy

Likely you don’t know you hold these beliefs. But unconsciously we all do to some extent or another. It’s what’s floating around in our mass consciousness.

And, If you don't discard these beliefs you'll create more negative energy in your field... leaving you vulnerable.

To release them, see each belief as something outside of you. Each one as its own entity.

Talk to it like you would a person threatening you. Let it know you are taking back control and it has to leave your thoughts and energy field.

You… your higher self… is more powerful than any thought you unknowingly allowed in. Let yourself feel that truth when you are removing it from your energy field.

Use your imagination for this process. Get creative with it and paint a picture where you are sovereign over your thoughts. Make it as vivid as you can.

And just know that it's not a one-and-done exercise. Revisit it until you have released all the beliefs feeding your negative energy.

Giving yourself 20 minutes, 3 times a week, tells the negative energy that you're serious about taking back control…And, letting your higher self take the lead. 

Your higher self leading the way is always the greatest form of protection against energy vampires and negative energy.

So make yourself a priority. That act alone will help you set energetic boundaries with others.

Step 4 –Forgive Yourself... And Everyone Else

Step four is to forgive yourself. That might sound strange...

But a common feeling after finding false beliefs is, "how could I allow those thoughts to control me?"

Then comes the self-pity... and yet another wave of negative energy is on you.

Nip those thoughts in the bud...

Remember you were fed these false beliefs though mass consciousness and family patterns. Of course you wouldn't have known better...

We aren’t taught this stuff… most people still don’t know about it.

But now that you do… it is time to take responsibility for your own energy and make sure it’s connected to your higher self.

Forgive yourself for not knowing in the past…

Any thoughts blaming you are more lies coming from your false beliefs.

Let them go... and let yourself off the hook once and for all.

Of course the next step is to forgive everyone else... The good news is it’s much easier to do once you have forgiven yourself.

In fact, it’s impossible to truly forgive others if you still harbor ill feelings toward yourself. You’ll just project your shadows onto them.

Once you realize most people are doing the best they can with the limited knowledge they have... you can forgive them for taking advantage of you.

Plus you have an incentive to forgive them...

Because holding a grudge keeps negative energy in your field... which limits your ability to make positive changes.

Step 5 – Let Your Higher Self Lead (The Most Powerful Way To Clear Negative Energy)

Step 5 is the most important form of clearing negative energy. And protecting yourself from energy vampires.

Your higher self is the aspect of you that is always connected to pure Source… It’s your divine self.

It would never feed you with the false beliefs we are bombarded with daily.

It’s the still, small voice within which is often drown out by the noise of mass consciousness.

That’s why it’s so important to slow down and take the time to connect within to find your higher self’s voice.

When you tap into it you create a field force around you so strong it stops negative energy in its tracks.

Connecting With Your Higher Self

Try this simple but powerful meditation for setting boundaries through connection to your higher self...

  • Get into a comfortable, meditative space.
  • Imagine yourself standing on an energetic platform that is only for you. It supports your specific energy signature on this planet. Imagine the platform having a column anchored into the core of the earth.
  • With each inhale you are pulling cleansing earth energy up your column.... through your platform. Into the soles of your feet and upward through every cell of your body. Feel the earth energy as nurturing, loving support. Clearing away any negative energy… any energy not of your higher self.
  • With each exhale you release the earth energy and your old energy back down to the core of the earth to be renewed.
  • Once you feel cleansed by the earth energy, imagine you are opening from the crown of your head. Receiving golden, honey-like energy from your higher self, pouring from above. Imagine and perhaps feel this energy filling every cell of your body. Then extending into your energy field an arms length all around you.
  • Notice the grounded feeling from your energy platform and the expansiveness of the golden, honey-like energy of your higher self... Stay with this feeling for as long as you like. 

Feeling your grounding platform beneath you... and the bubble of your higher self around you... is the greatest protection from negative energy and energy vampires.

Are You Ready?

Not knowing how negative energy builds up in your body and energy field is not your fault. You weren’t taught about your energy field in school.

But now you know… and you’re the only one that can take responsibility for it.

Practicing the steps above builds awareness of your energy field and connection to your higher self...

So you can get rid of negative energy and energy vampires once and for all.

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With Love+Light,

About the Author Kristin Metheny

Kristin is an Energy Healer and Intuitive.

Gifted with the ability to see your energy body remotely, she clears negative energy from it and guides you to connect deeply with your higher self.

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