The Power of 3 program awakens your Spirit and connects you to complete abundance in every area of your life; health, wealth, love and self. Join Kristin Metheny monthly for 3 sessions of energy healing and guided meditation that allow you to release old patterns, awaken your Spirit and embody your true nature of total abundance. Transform your life by connecting with Kristin and other participants worldwide.

img_13122016_114547I am so very grateful for you, Kristin. Your energy healing circles have changed my life and I will forever be grateful to you and your beautiful gift!   –  Sage Martin from Telluride, CO

The Power of 3 – What Is It?

The Power of 3 is the core program Kristin offers to clear out the congestion that stands in your way of complete abundance. During 3 monthly teleconference sessions she bathes you in frequencies to awaken your Spirit.

Your Spirit’s natural state is complete abundance. When you are congested with foreign energy, like energetic cords creating false attachments and spiritual inheritances from your ancestors, you lose connection to your Spirit.

That is when you look for happiness outside of yourself. The problem is when you aren’t connected to your Spirit nothing can fulfill you. The only path to happiness is reconnecting to the light of your Spirit. But first you must clear away the congestion and give your Spirit space to come home to.

Becoming aware of the foreign energy, and its control over you, is the first step to releasing it. Once you are ready for it to leave, it has to go. You are always in command of your space and no energy has power over you unless you relinquish that power.

Through the Power of 3 program Kristin brings you to a state of awareness so you sense the foreign energies that need to be released. Kristin does not heal you. She is a guide that awakens your Spirit so you can heal yourself. The power is always within you to heal.

The Power Of The Group

The Power of 3 combines the energy of each participant’s Spirit to bring you into a high vibration. The group amplifies the healing energy, which accelerates everyone’s transformation. This is true even if you aren’t on the live call. Because the healing is done in spiritual space-time all participants are moving forward together no matter what physical time you listen to the session.

The Power of 3 is different from other meditation techniques because it grounds you into your body and brings your awareness to the present moment. In that state you fully receive the powerful energy healing and let go of old patterns blocking you to embrace your Spirit.

The Structure

Week 1: Awaken – First, your awareness is brought into your body so your Spirit can awaken and lead you to what you desire most.

Week 2: Release – The focus in this session is on releasing the blocks that create confusion and hold you back from all that you deserve.

Week 3: Embody – Lastly, stability is established, which allows you to embody your Spirit more fully and connect to your natural state of abundance.

Each month that you participate you go deeper to awaken, release and embody. The program structure stays the same but each session is different based on the needs of the current group. And, you continue where you left off to ascend to even higher levels of connection to your Spirit.

The Benefits

    • Overall peace and calm
    • Better sleep
    • Feelings of security
    • Self-compassion, acceptance
    • Increased intuition


    • Health
    • Wealth
    • Relationships
    • Clarity

The Details

  • 3 live, 40 minute sessions on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. MT, (7:00 p.m. PT/ 10:00 p.m. ET).
  • Replays of all sessions are included for download.
  • Recordings have the same healing properties as live sessions.
  • Details for connecting to the sessions are emailed after purchase.
  • To join, select the REGISTER HERE link below.

Power of 3 program – February 11, 18 and 25  |  $77  | REGISTER HERE

Power of 3 program – March 3, 10 and 17  |  $77  | REGISTER HERE

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