wisdom-circle-logoThe private Wisdom Circle is an exclusive event for those who are ready for an elevated life experience yet still need guidance to break through their barriers.  Kristin will show you what needs to change to propel you forward in your life.  It’s a powerful energy clearing that will connect you to your Spirit so you can feel your natural state of abundance.

How It Works…

Parts of your Spirit get stuck in certain time frames/life times where you experienced a significant event – good or bad. These fractured pieces of your Spirit create patterns and attract experiences and emotions that repeat throughout your life.

Although not all of these patterns may be considered negative they still limit the options you have to creating your future. Instead you want to bring your Spirit into the present moment where it can guide you to an even grander version of your life.

In the Wisdom Circle, Kristin will access a time-frame in your past where your Spirit is stuck. She’ll then guide you to release your Spirit from that time period and bring it back to the present. People have reported life-changing results when they reclaimed parts of their Spirit. They have greater access to better health, deeply loving relationships, prosperity, a calm mind…

This event is equally appropriate for those that have never done spiritual work or are advanced in their spiritual knowledge.

The event consists of:  elegant dinner reception, in-depth discussion on spiritual subjects, intimate Wisdom Circle meditation, one-one-one session within the Circle, individual and group energy healing, personalized advice/message to each participant directly from their Spirit, a recording of the session for continued energy transmission after the event.

Location: Beautiful private home in St. Petersburg, FL
Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2017
4 hour event: 6:00pm ET – 10:00pm ET
Registration: $600 | Limited to 15 participants only | $200 deposit to reserve your spot
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