The Zero Point Field

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I’m super excited to share some scientific research that I recently found. It helps explain what I feel intuitively and my experience of group healing. The research is from The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart.

She compiled data from scientists of various fields studying Consciousness Research since the 1920’s. One interesting piece of the research is called the Zero Point Field or zero point energy.

In the Zero Point Field (ZPF) quantum particles are not distinguishable because their energy is being passed around like an endless game of basketball. It’s the place where all matter is interconnected and where we are establishing invisible connections with things at a distance from us.

The ZPF explains how we can access thoughts, feelings and intuitive information from each other. In the ZPF we can’t be separated by space or time.

It’s what I refer to as spiritual space-time – where I connect with those in the circles I lead. It’s a place where energy can be “rearranged” in an instant. And, when energy is changed the matter associated with it must change, too. In order to heal any aspect of your life you must change the energy you are emitting first. That’s where I can help…

Join me in the ZPF every month, starting Nov. 7, for the Power of 3 program. You’ll come together remotely with others for the intention of changing what is not working in your life: health, relationships, finances, any area needing change. I will bathe you in healing energy while the power of the group intention accelerates your shift. Learn more.

Hope to connect with you there.

Love + Light,

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